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Palm Bay, FL 32907
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         Associations Managed by Showcase

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Almar Front 


        Almar Declaration of Condominium, Almar Articles of Incorporation, Almar By Laws, Cert of Amendment


Anchorage Building



          Anchorage Declaration, Anchorage 1st Amendment to Declaration, Anchorage Articles of Incorporation, Anchorage ByLaws


CC Builf


Canaveral Circle

           Canaveral Circle Declaration, Canaveral Circle Amendments to Declaration, Canaveral Circle Articles of Incorporation, Canaveral Circle ByLaws,  Amendment to Declaration


CW Sign


Canaveral Woods

        Canaveral Woods Articles of Incorporation, Canaveral Woods Declaration, Canaveral Woods By Laws, Canaveral Woods By Laws Schedule A, Canaveral Woods Rules and Regulations


Cape Hacienda

          Cape Hacienda Declaration, Cape Hacienda Articles of Incorporation, Cape Hacienda ByLaws



Casuarina Club

        Casuarina Record Amendments to Dec & Bylaws, Casuarina Articles of Incorporation, Casuarina Declaration of Condo, Casuarina Second Amendments to BylawsCCOA Info Package 2016




       Cedars Articles of Incorporation, Cedars Declaration of Condo, Cedars Amendment to Declaration, Cedars By-Laws, Cedars Use Restrictions


CG Sign


Cleveland Gardens

    Cleveland Gardens Articles of Incorporation; Cleveland Gardens Declaration of Condo, Cleveland Garden ByLaws


 Harbor Oaks 

        Harbor Oaks By Laws, Harbor Oaks DeclarationHarbor Oaks Rules & Regulations, Articles of IncorporationHarbor Oaks Amendment 1 - 3

IOB Sign


Isles of Baytree

        IOB By-Laws, IOB Amended By-Laws 4/6/04, IOB Amendment to Restated Declarations, IOB Amendement to Declaration of CovenantsFinal IOB ARC v2.2, IOB Declaration of Covenants, IOB Declaration IOB ARC v2.1, IOB Original Docs


Lamp Post

          Lamp Post Declaration, Lamp Post Articles of Incorporation, Lamp Post ByLaws

LR Sign


Laurel Run

        Laurel Run Articles of Incorporation, Laurel Run By Laws, Laurel Run Declaration, Laurel Run Rules & Regulations, Laurel Run ARC Form, Laurel Run Fees and Fines, Laurel Run Violation & Fining Process, Laurel Run ARC Guidelines


OG Bld 

Ola Grande

        Ola By-Laws, Ola Articles of Incorporation, Ola Declaration of Condominium

PS SIGNPalm Shores

        Palm Shores Articles of Incorporation, Palm Shores By-Laws, Palm Shores Declaration, Palm Shores ACC Application

Reg bld crop


Regency Pines

        Regency Pines Declaration of Condominium


Rio Bld


Rio Vista

        RV Amendment to Declaration 93, RV Amendment to Declaration, RV Articles of Incorporation, RV ByLaws, RV Certificate of Amendment to Dec, RV Declaration, RV Rules & Regs

Riveredge Bld



        RE Declaration, RE Amendment to Declaration, RE Articles of Incorporation, RE Articles of Incorporation Continued, RE ByLaws, RE Declaration of Condo, RE Revised Docs, RE Rules & Regulations

Riverside Bld 

 Riverside Landing

       Riverside Landing By Laws, Riverside Landing Articles of Incorporation, Riverside Landing Declaration with Amendments



Riverwalk Homeowner Association

      Riverwalk Articles of Incorporation,  Riverwalk By Laws,  Riverwalk HOA Docs, Riverwalk First Amendment to Restate Declaration of Condominium


 Sabal Palms Association

     Sabal Palms Original Bylaws, Sabal Palms amended and restated bylaws





Sea Era Sands Condominium

      Amendment 1995,  Articles of Incorporation,  Bylaws,  Declaration of Covenants


Sea Pearl

        SP Articles of Incorporation, SP ByLaws, SP Declaration 1, SP Declaration 2

Seminole Bld 

 Seminole Landings

          Seminole Landings Articles of Incorporation, Seminole Landings Declaration, Seminole Landing ByLaws          



 Summer Place

          Summer Articles of Incorporation, Summer ByLaws, Summer Index to Declaration of Condominium

Three Meadows


Three Meadows Phase III

       TM Articles of Incorporation, TM Bylaws, TM Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions, TM First Amendment to Declaration

Tropical Cove 

        Tropical Cove Condo Docs


  Turtle Key Condo Association

Turtle Key BylawsArticles of IncTurtle Key Decleration of Condo pt 1, Turtle Key Decleration of Condo-pt-2


Villa Verde

         Villa Verde Articles of Incorporation, Villa Verde Declaration, Villa Verde ByLaws